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Bravada Projects

Gabel property

Bravada's Gabel property lies along the northern portion of the Roberts Mountains in Eureka County, Nevada.  Bravada owns 16 unpatented mining claims, which are subject only to a 1% NSR royalty, half of which (0.5%) can be purchased for US$3 million.  The general vicinity of Gabel hosts significant amounts of gold in past production and resources, most of which are at the Tonkin Springs Property, approximately 12km to the west and the Gold Bar Satellite Deposits, about 25km to the southwest.  Exploration by US Gold is on-going on both of these properties.

Carlin-type alteration and geochemical signatures are widespread on the property, but are particularly well developed along a major east-trending fault that cuts through the entire property.  Geologic mapping of the area, and previous drilling out of the target, indicates that the prospective McColley Canyon and Denay Formations should be encountered. 

The Roberts Mountain Formation is exposed within 1.5km to the west of Gabel and is projected to underlie the property within 300m of the surface at one of the target areas.  These formations are important host rocks at various gold mines in Nevada.  Drilling will target these favorable formations in proximity to the east-trending fault.  The property is permitted and bonded for four drill sites.