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Mineralized Trend Project Name # Claims BLM, USFS Model Type
Battle Mountain/Eureka trend Pete Hanson 30 BLM Carlin (multiple)

East of Tonkin Springs mine. High-angle faults w/ anomalous to ~4g/t Au, eroded remnant of Au deposit hosted by Lower Plate (McColley Canyon Fm) east of property in WSA & as mineralized clasts in Qal gravel on property. Multiple potential mineralized Lower Plate formations preserved on claims, including: McColley/Wenban, Roberts Mtns, and Karst-hosted Mississippian Webb/Devil's Gate Lst. Soil survey receommended over poorly exposed karst target.

Battle Mountain/Eureka trend SF/HC 112 BLM Carlin (multiple) & Epithermal overprint(?)

Red Hills-Gold Rush/Buckhorn area. Initial drill test of 2 RC holes in 2019 cut Webb/Horse Canyon, verified Au-bearing system (+200ppb max Au), & identified multiple thrust faults that repeated the prospective section. Directly east of 2019 drilling on SF claims, previous drilling on the adjacent HC claims intersected Au (+600ppb max Au) associated w/ Tertiary-age dikes in younger Paleozoic sediments. The HC claims were acquired from a private group during 2020, which will allow a more integrated evaluation of this large Carlin-type mineral system. Reinterpretation of target is based on data from Goldrush for thrust-fault anticline & best host rocks being in Wenban units # 5 & 8, possibly Horse Cnyn. Poor exposure & Qal cover, so soils planned over prospective units in 2021.

Battle Mountain/Eureka trend North Lone Mountain 56 BLM Carlin (multiple) & MVT Zn/Pb/Ag

Gold Bar area. Anomalous Au & pathfinders to west, historic drilling w/ Lower Plate carbonates below relatively shallow alluvium on NW corner of property w/ pathfinders under gravel cover (buried horst block). Soils collected & assayed w/ 2 targets identified. Same stratigraphic horizons as SoLM zinc mineralization. Drill ready.

Battle Mountain/Eureka trend Gabel 16 BLM Carlin (Sol'n/karst)

Tonkin Springs mine area. Historic drilling has tested anomalous Au in rock chips @ surface up to ~1g/t in silicified Lower Plate carbonates with disappointing results; however, karst-hosted mineralization at the contact of Mississippian carbonates and underlying platform carbonates has not been evaluated. Soil and float sampling recommended.

Battle Mountain/Eureka trend Shoshone Pediment (Baker Hughes) 54 BLM Carlin (multiple) & barite

Battle Mountain area. Baker Hughes drilled 43 holes in 2013 to delineate bedded barite in Upper Plate rocks. We received a split of drill chips & will receive a royalty on any barite production, BVA retains other minerals. There are two gold targets at this property: gold hosted by carbonates beneath "white smoker" barite beds in Upper Plate rocks and more-typical Carlin-type deposits deeper in Lower Plate carbonates. Several gold deposits have been delineated in Upper Plate rocks nearby to the southeast in Slaven Canyon. Geochemical vectors from barite drilling may provide clues to feeder structures. Drill chips have been logged & samples selected for assay. Baker Hughes is permitting & expects to begin mining when barite prices strengthen with the price of oil. Exploration drilling on an untested barite target south of resource is part of mine plan.

Battle Mountain/Eureka trend South Lone Mountain (Nevada Zinc Corp) 28 BLM Carlin (multiple) & MVT Zn/Pb/Ag

Gold Bar area. Anomalous Au up to 3g/t occurs in drill chips from an historic oil well and in coarse fractions of basal gravels in BVA's drilling. The source has never been found. The current land position lies to the east of the oil well, where strong Zn/Pb/Ag mineralization occurs on Nevada Zinc's (NZN) claims that are partiallysurrounded on three sides by BVA's claims. Drilling on the NZN claims for Au in the mid-2000's discovered strongly mineralized Zn/Pb (10-20%) beneath shallow gravel. Soil geochemistry suggests a secondary NE trend of mineralization onto BVA's claims, which lie along the southern fault margin of a Paleozoic-age 2nd-order basin.

Walker Lane trend Wind Mountain 124 BLM Volcanic-hosted disseminated & vein(?) Au/Ag

Historic Wind Mountain mine. Au and Ag oxide, open-pit resource (2012 positive PEA) with exploration potential to expand. A Proof-of-concept drilling program to test for H.G. gold "feeder" mineralization was conducted in December 2020. Assays pending.

Walker Lane trend Highland 192 BLM Volcanic-hosted H.G. vein Au/Ag

North of Bruner district and NE of Baxter property. H.G. gold (+10g/t) has been intersected in vein zones that are extensive, but mostly covered by thin alluvium on the western portion of the property. Targets have been identified from geologic mapping, previous drilling, gravity, magnetics, IP, AMT and soil and rock geochemistry. The property was optioned to OceanaGold, which concentrated on the eastern portion of the property with geologic mapping, rock-chip & soil sampling, extensive CSAMT geophysics, and a 2-hole core drilling program in 2020. However, OceanaGold did not complete the 2nd drill hole. The Geyser target was partially developed and drill sites were permitted, but not drilled due to budget cuts and the property was returned to BVA in December 2020. Drill ready.

Walker Lane trend East Manhattan 84 USFS Volcanic-hosted H.G. vein Au/Ag

Manhattan district. Extensive vein-hosted gold mineralization has been partially delineated by geologic mapping & sampling and previous drilling. Intersecting vein zones beneath current drilling have not been tested with drilling, and more recent magnetics data has identified areas of possible alteration beneath shallow alluvium on strikew with known vein zones. Targets have been permitted, subject to posting a bond. Drill ready.

Walker Lane trend Baxter 114 BLM Volcanic-hosted H.G. vein Au/Ag

Northwest of Bruner district. BVA's previous drilling has intersected thick zones of low-grade gold (~0.3g/t) and narrower intervals with up to ~10g/t Au. Kinross added claims & completed various geophysical surveys, mapping/sampling, & clay alteration studies. 3 phases of drilling were completed before returning the property to BVA. A highlight intercept of 32m of 0.88g/t Au starting 30m from surface was drilled at the Sinter Target. This miineralization is open to the west and provides an attractive exploration target. Drill ready.

Sioux Lookout Deformation Zone Drayton (Group Ten Metals) Archaean Vein Au/PPY

Western Ontario, Canada. Sold to Group Ten, 1% NSR Royalty held by Bravada.

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